Castle Hill Creative


See below for T&Cs for Junior Submissions.
Use the buttons below to download the appropriate registration form; once completed, simply scan it or take a clearly legible photo, and email it to

If you are keen to participate, please in the first instance let us know by filling in your name and email address here.  Please indicate if you have images of your work that you would be happy to be used for publicity before the event. All expressions of interest should be indicated by 28th February 2023.


    * Required

    Terms and condition of entry


    Entries must be the sole work of the entrant. Entries must not have been exhibited in any previous exhibitions. Entrants can enter up to three entries of 2-dimensional work, up to six smaller artworks. A pair is considered to be one entry. We have limited space for work wider than 1m so please get in contact first if you want to submit bigger work.  Work must be dry suitably ready to hang or display, and complete with hanging cord/ d-ring. 

    For 3-d work, ceramics, miniatures and jewellery, this needs to be displayed on a board/case or shelf no bigger than 50cm by 60cm or 80cm by 25cm.  Late entries will not be accepted. All entries must be for sale.

    Submission Statement

    A small submission statement about yourself, your art work, your relationship to Castle Hill or the area, of 50 to 100 words would be greatly appreciated. This will be collated into a folder and displayed during the show.

    Entry form and fees

    Entrants must complete the entry form (in full) and enclose the entry fee of $10 – bank account: Castle Hill Comm Assn  03-1592-0554158-01 for direct payment.


    A commission of 20% of the retail price will be charged on all sales.


    Each work must have a sticker on its back with your name, retail price and a number to correspond with the number on your entry from. Work must be packed securely for safe transit to the community centre. Insecure packages will not be accepted. Packing boxes of three-dimensional work should be clearly labelled and named on all sides. Packing material should be clean, no shredded paper.


    All due care and consideration will be given to your work. However entrants are responsible for the insurance of their work while in transit and throughout the duration of the exhibition at the community centre.


    Castle Hill: 26th March, 11am to 1pm at an address to be confirmed in Castle Hill Village

    Christchurch: 26th March, 11am to 1pm at 20 Huntsbury Ave, St Martins; Ildica, 0220 453 422

    Springfield: If required; or contact Ildica via email


    The organisers reserve the right to photograph and reproduce selected work in the newsletter, website or Facebook page. This is only for publicity purposes relating to the exhibition.


    The organisers reserve the right to select entries. Non-compliance with conditions of entry may result in non-acceptance of work. The decision of the Castle Hill Creative group is final.

    Exhibition Opening

    Castle Hill Village Community Centre, 6pm, Friday 7th April 2023

    Exhibition hours

    10am – 4pm, Saturday 8th April and Easter Sunday 9th April 2023


    All care will be taken with every aspect of this exhibition, but organisers will not be held responsible for any errors made by them or their helpers.

    Junior Submissions

    As per the Terms & Conditions above, with the following modifications:


    12-18 years old  (artwork attached to the main exhibition)

    Less than 12 years – enter the ‘decorate your bike’ competition, judged at 9.30am on Saturday 8th April on the tennis court.

    Terms and condition of entry

    One or two submitted pieces of work, any medium allowed. Work must be dry, suitably ready to hang or display, and complete with hanging cord/d-ring.

    If the work is three dimensional please email size details before the 4th March, as we have limited space for exhibiting such pieces and will need to know beforehand to check we can display it.

    Entry Fee

    $2 enclosed with submission form and a retail price, in envelope attached by masking taped on back of canvas. You will be charged 20% commission if work sold.